Monday, February 27, 2006

The Fall of Jim Donnan

This is the follow up to my previous article, "The Rise of Jim Donnan."

Spring 1999: This is really where the collapse of the Donnan regime began. Donnan decides to hire Tennessee’s Kevin Ramsey as his defensive coordinator and demotes Joe Kines. While Ramsey is widely regarded as one of the SEC’s best recruiters, the decision to hire Kevin Ramsey as the defensive coordinator seems somewhat questionable given Ramsey’s coaching experience.

Summer 1999: Both Reggie Brown and Durrell Robinson fail to qualify.

Fall 1999: Kevin Ramsey decides that when you have a young and inexperienced secondary the proper defensive scheme is one with lots of tight, man-to-man coverage. Georgia gives up more than 25 points in the first half on three occasions, the most famous being when Ronny Daniels burned the Georgia secondary for 200 receiving yards in the first half as Auburn, who had a losing record, embarrassed Georgia in Sanford Stadium by a score of 38-21. Georgia finishes the season last in the SEC in yards surrendered per game and finishes next to last in points surrendered per game.

November 1999: With seconds left and Georgia inside the Georgia Tech 5, Donnan elects to run the ball one more time with the score tied 48-48. Jasper Sanks “fumbles” and the rest is history. The loss is Georgia’s 3rd in its last 4 games of 1999. This is the point when many Georgia fans started having serious reservations about whether Jim Donnan could take UGA to the next level. From a personal standpoint, I’m not sure Donnan’s decision to run Sanks one more time was that stupid. Georgia had been blowing down the field and Donnan thought that either (1) Sanks would score a touchdown, or (2) at worst, Georgia would be able to kick the game-winning field goal as time expired. My sentiments certainly weren’t as vitriolic as those of Len Pasquarelli:

“Jim Donnan, perhaps the thinnest-skinned man operating a Division I football program, ought to be castigated for an inexplicable blunder that probably cost the Bulldogs a victory in regulation. . . . He may be a brilliant offensive schemer, but Donnan remains an insecure man with a me-against-the-world mentality likely born of his long tenure at tiny Marshall. . . . Because university policy has kept him from employing his son as a full-time assistant, there have been rampant rumors Donnan was preparing his resignation. Given his strategy in the closing minutes of regulation, maybe he should have delivered it. . . . Donnan, in typical pass the buck fashion, hinted one of the game officials from the Southeastern Conference crew had graduated from the University of Florida and was out to get the Bulldogs . . .Conceding he blew the game was a difficult admission for a coach who began the season crowing that his team had closed the talent gap on SEC East powerhouses Tennessee and Florida, but it also was too little and way too late.”

February 2000: Georgia signs a somewhat disappointing recruiting class as they miss out on several of the state’s top recruits. Kevin Ramsey fails to sign nearly every player he recruits.

February 2000: After Ramsey’s horrific performance both as a defensive coordinator and a recruiter, Donnan decides to demote him to being just the secondary coach. When Donnan informs Ramsey of his decision, a heated argument and physical confrontation ensues in Donnan’s office. Legend has it that Ramsey punched Donnan. I certainly understand Ramsey’s behavior because the best way to set yourself up for a defensive coordinator position with another team in the future is to physically assault the coach that just fired you. Ramsey later maturely refers to Donnan as “Pontius Pilate.” Surprisingly enough, Ramsey hasn’t been a defensive coordinator at the D-1A level since. In 2003, he was canned after one year on the job as Arizona State’s cornerbacks coach. Ramsey is now misguiding the defense at Carson-Newman.

Defensive Coordinator or Mafia Enforcer?

April 2000: Jim Donnan hires his own son, Todd, as the quarterbacks coach. Though UGA has an anti-nepotism policy, Donnan is able to circumvent the policy by making Todd a joint coach and fundraiser. Making him a fundraiser meant he would be supervised (from a technical standpoint) by the athletic department and not by Donnan himself. This move did not bother me quite as much as some other fans. I figured that if Todd Donnan could get the job done, then what did it really matter if he was Jim Donnan's son or not. My biggest concern was whether Todd, in his late 20s at the time, had the experience to get the job done.

Summer 2000: Donnan, speaking at a Bulldog Touchdown Club Meeting, makes the most infamous statement of his career: “I’ve been waiting 55 years to be the head coach of a football team that has this much potential, and I guarantee you that we’re going to get it done.” The phrase would increase in notoriety as the losses began to mount. It remains one of the most well-known quotes in UGA history.

September 2000: South Carolina breaks a 2-year SEC losing streak by defeating Georgia 21-10. Quincy Carter, hyped before the season as a Heisman hopeful, throws 5 interceptions.

Mack Williams is a genius, and this is one of my favorites

October 2000: Donnan breaks Georgia’s decade-long losing streak against Tennessee by defeating the Vols 21-10 and putting Georgia back in the thick of the SEC East race.

October 2000: An array of first half mistakes prevents Georgia from blowing the game open against Florida and the two teams go into halftime tied 17-17. Florida takes control in the second half and defeats Georgia for the third time in a row by the score of 34-23. The loss effectively knocks Georgia out of the SEC East race.

November 2000: Georgia Tech dominates Georgia in Athens and wins the game by a score of 27-15. The loss is Georgia’s third in a row to Georgia Tech and drops Georgia to 7-4.

November 2000: The week after Donnan drops the game to Georgia Tech, Vince Dooley announces that Jim Donnan has been let go as Georgia’s head coach. Donnan decides to stay on and coaches Georgia to victory in the Oahu Bowl. Donnan finishes his UGA career with a 40-19 record.

Donnan’s Legacy:

More than 5 years after Jim Donnan coached his last game at Georgia opinions about him still remained quite polarized. To some, Donnan was an outstanding coach who simply fell victim to the unrealistic expectations of delusional Georgia fans. To others, Donnan was a bumbling hack who had absolutely no business running an SEC football program. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. Perhaps the most important contribution Donnan made was that he got the talent level at Georgia back up to the point where we could be competitive again. At the same time, I think he started to place too much emphasis on hauling in great recruiting classes and hired Kevin Ramsey simply because he had a reputation as a great coordinator. I think he assumed that as long as Ramsey was hauling in blue chip prospects the defense would simply fall in place.

Another mistake that Donnan made is that he failed to get Georgia fans to like him on a personal level. While I never met the man and cannot confirm this, many Georgia fans found him to be a little “standoffish” and just not a very personable individual. I think one problem was that Donnan had some difficulty adjusting to the media attention that comes with the Georgia job because he came from a D-1AA program that wasn’t the major college program covered by a major media market such as Atlanta. As an example of how the media often felt about Donnan, look at how Pasquerelli’s quote above seems more than just objective criticism -- it seems to take on a personal tone (calling Donnan “thin-skinned” and “an insecure man”). The AJC’s Mark Bradley was also notorious for absolutely lacing into Donnan. Donnan may have been a great guy to know, but he failed to project that image to the media and I think it hurt him. Ray Goff is a fine example of how being well-liked can take you a long way when you coach in the SEC. Had Donnan compiled a record like Goff’s, he probably would not have even lasted as long as he did. However, Goff lasted two more years than Donnan despite having a much worse record because he was so well-liked by the Georgia fans. This is one area where Mark Richt has certainly done an outstanding job.

Jim Donnan’s record through 5 years was 40-19, which was the second-best winning percentage of any Georgia coach since the 1920s. This is doubly impressive considering that the Florida and Tennessee programs were at their peak during this time. However, the problem really seemed to be the direction that the program was headed. Since going 10-2 in 1997, Georgia had been taking steps backwards and went 7-4 in 2000 with a team absolutely stacked with NFL talent. Perhaps Donnan’s worst sin, from a record standpoint, was that he had dropped 3 in a row to Georgia Tech. If he wins one or two of those games, he most likely would not have been fired.

Another problem was that there was a perception that Donnan didn’t quite have the control over the team’s off the field activities that he should have. And when he was fired, the University suggested that there were some behind-the-scenes happenings that they were not pleased with.

Donnan will probably continue to be a man that elicits very strong feelings concerning his performance as Georgia’s head coach. I firmly believe that Georgia never would have achieved the success they have over the last 4 years had Jim Donnan been their coach instead of Mark Richt. At the same time, I think that Donnan had a big hand in laying the groundwork for that success. Ultimately, I just don’t think Donnan had the head coaching skills to take Georgia to the level that Mark Richt has. I think Donnan would have made a fine offensive coordinator and a good recruiter, but I think he lacked the managerial and personnel skills to run a program that consistently finishes in the Top 10.


Blogger 82 said...

Another mistake that Donnan made is that he failed to get Georgia fans to like him on a personal level. While I never met the man and cannot confirm this, many Georgia fans found him to be a little “standoffish” and just not a very personable individual.
Man, you make as many assumptions as you commented JD making about Ramsey. Not knowing a guy hardly makes you an authority on character. JD was a likable guy, you are right about him not portraying himself to the media as "likeable enough for Ga fans" but I think you summed it up well here:

Jim Donnan’s record through 5 years was 40-19, which was the second-best winning percentage of any Georgia coach since the 1920s. This is doubly impressive considering that the Florida and Tennessee programs were at their peak during this time.

He had the 2nd best winning percentage in 80 years and at the same time doing it while 2 of the other 5 teams, (thats freakin 40% of the teams) in your own division win 2 of the 5 national championships while you are there (again, that almost half at 40%) you still manage to stop losing steaks with UT and UF while SOS was still there. He did just as well against Fla with lesser talent then CMR has done with better teams and against EXTREMELY less talented coaches.

While your legacy assessment was pretty good because in the end I think you are right; while is persona never came across well enough for Dawg fans to like him like Goff, he did more good from the program than people like to admit. In the end I would have rather had him than not. He brought an unranked program into the top 15 annually while UT and Fla were top 5 annually. An amazing accomplishment. And while you say he puts all his eggs in one basket with Sanks, he then goes and gets the best receiver class in Ga history in RBrown and DRobinson but all you say about that is they don’t qualify their first year. Don’t confuse the recruiting process and individual signee success with the end result of the winningness of the program. His biggest downfall which you never mentioned has got to be not being able to develop the talent he was getting in as well as not surrounding himself with the people who could do this well. Lets not forget CMR won with Donnan's players, and he won a lot. They just played as a team and that’s where Donnan was lacking.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Jamie Sanders said...


I certainly appreciate your comments and I would never suggest that I'm immune to criticism. However, I didn't appreciate how in your previous post you suggested that simply because I'm 24 I do not have the mental fortitude to write on the subject. This post was much more appropriate.

I don't know Donnan personally and I was trying to make clear that my assessment of his personality was based purely on second-hand information. I agree with you that Donnan's biggest downfall was his failure to develop players and I tried to implicitly get that point across via the Kevin Ramsey debacle, but I may have failed in doing so. Though I only said that Brown and Robinson didn't qualify in this post, the last post pointed out how highly-rated that class of '99 was.

I appreciate your comments and hope you will continue to comment on future posts.

11:10 AM  
Blogger 82 said...

I wasn't taking a shot at you for being 24, I was pointing out your youthful Inexperience which was obvious to me in yoru assesment Ga picking Jasper over Jamal Lewis (who in highschool had already started his criminal career btw) Saying that the recruitment JSanks was a failed one just isn't fair to the process. The year Jasper came out it was who Ga wanted on their team (including all the hype because he was worth it at the time) and traded that option for those other guys (or at the very least Lewis to get him). Now in high school it wasn't even close who was better, no where near. Anyways, its was the development of Jasper as a player and as a man that was lacking, that was what I was trying to convey in my post. But if simply pointing out your actual age in relation to an incident that happened while you were in fact in middle school is any worse than you singling out a spelling error on my part and referencing that as my inability to comment on the subject then so be it.

Also, you forget that CMR was unable to turn Jasper around as a man or a player too. If you want to come off as objective you need to start naming good and bad things you like or dislike about a counterpart in someone. Not just spend 90% of your post talking about why JD was a mistake all the way around because he does deserve more credit than you gave him. I would also say that most Dawg fans don’t criticize CMR enough (there's got to be a balance), but that’s another comment for another thread.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all the mistakes JD made he is not given enough credit for getting private donations to take our Weight Lifting Program out of the dark ages and the hiring of Rodney Garner. You are right in saying that he laid the foundation for CMRs success for w/o those two occurences above CMR probably would not have come to UGA.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicely done, whatever the age, it's the intellect that counts

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog Bry said...

The hiring of Rodney Garner was mentioned in the previous post "Rise of JD".

I would have to agree about not developing talent. As I recall, every single player on the 2000 defense either was drafted or signed to play in the NFL. Every single one. Four or five of the offensive starters, too. And THAT team's record was 8-4. That, and the other 'indescretions' that went on is why JD is no longer coaching at UGA.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that 82 is an excellent writer!

12:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Donnan got fired cause he did not win enough, period, end of story.
The personality quirks you mention only become interesting in light of his firing.
However, the highest compliment I can pay your effort is that I have read every word
I am singularly disinterested in your age. Hell, everybody is younger than I am.

9:51 AM  
Blogger 82 said...

w/o those two occurences above CMR probably would not have come to UGA.

couldn’t be more true

Donnan got fired cause he did not win enough, period, end of story.

This is what Jamie was talking about as the most negative polarized thought about JD that many Ga fans have. When this guy sees JD all he thinks is loser and he lets his Red and Black goggles blind him from facts.= Goff lasted 2 more years and he won half as much as JD, in fact, if you subtract the GT forfeits JD had the same winning percentage as Dooley so don't give me this shit about he didn't win end of story, cause it is most definitely not the end of story. All I am asking is for the Dawgs fans to really look at what he did, because he turned the program around, he didnt destroy it and this is how many in the Dawg Nation treat him.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Aladawg said...

As I recall Dumbone(Aka Donnan) was like 4-14 against the "Big 4"(Auburn,Tenn,Fla, Ga Tech).
That is why he lost his job.

5:44 PM  
Blogger 82 said...

As I recall Dumbone(Aka Donnan) was like 4-14 against the "Big 4"(Auburn,Tenn,Fla, Ga Tech).That is why he lost his job.

Aladawg, you cant even recall past history correctly. JD was 6-12 against the Big 4 and thats in a 5 year period that UT and Fla were national powerhouses and Reggie Ball hadnt got to college yet. CMR is 12-8 against the Big 4 but they arent near so good as they were 5 years ago. CMR cant beat Aurburn and Fla, he is 3-8 on those guys and theres no SOS on the other side line either.

Do I think JD should still be our coach? No. Do I think there are a lot of Dawg fans cant give credit where credit is due? Yes. Not only do they not even see the impact JD had on the program but they refuse to listen to facts.

JD was 4-0 in bowl games, CMR 3-2. Do you want to fire him now?

10:10 AM  
Blogger Aladawg said...

Since you opened this can of worms, I'll follow it up with a few comments in response. First, i met JD twice and both times he was a totally pompous a__hole. He showed me very little concern for loyal Georgia folks. In those 5 years his record against the big 4 was 6-14:
Tenn 96-17-29 L, 97-13-38 L, 98- 3-22 L, 99-20-37 L, 2000-21-10 W, = 1-4 vs. UT point total 74-136
Fla 96-7-47 L, 97-37-17 W, 98-7-38 L, 99-14-30 L, 2000-23-34 L, = 1-4 vs. UF point total 88-166
AUB 96-56-49 W, 97-34-45 L, 98-28-17 W, 99-21-38 L, 2000-26-29 L, = 2-3, point total 165-178
GT 96-19-10 W, 97-27-24 W, 98 19-21 L, 99-48-51 L, 2000-17-27 L, = 2-3, point total 130-134

Total = 6-14 point 457-614
Total = 12-8 point total 460-345

You mentioned nothing about 2 SEC champs, 2-1 in the Champ game(bigger than the Oahu, 2 outbacks and a peach.)CMR has been in 2 sugars , an outback, a music city and a capital one. Auburn was never undefeated playing Georgia and LSU was coached by Dinardo in the Dumb One's years. No, don't give me the crap about Dumb One''s impact. Rodney Garner saved his butt from a recruiting standpoint. Dumb One did nothing more than make us a slightly better than average team with NO SEC champs and a lot of lopsided losses to the rival teams. My original post was only a comment on why Dumb One got fired; the answer is STILL his record against the big 4.

8:06 PM  
Blogger 82 said...

2 tech losses got thrown out, so it is actually 6-12 like I said. We all know CMR is a better coach then JD, I was only giving JD credit he was due where many dawg fans are oblivious to what he did for UGA.

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if CMR is going to get labeled "he won with JD's players" then, rightfully so, JD should get labeled "he won with Goff's players (see 97' season). Also JD was a jerk. I was around him in 96' and many in the BM hall have confirmed, that he was just as big a jerk the day he left as the day he showed up.
Funny enough he and Coach Goff seem to be better commentators (Donnan on ESPN and Coach Goff on the Sunday brunch) and actually seem to enjoy themselves while doing it. They both have seemed to have mellowed and relaxed.
For me the differences in CMR and JD are night and day. JD just didn't seem to have it. Sure JD has a better bowl record but what bowls are they? From top to bottom the program is light years ahead of where it was with both former coaches. Heck even Coach Goff is involved with Georgia football to a degree again. Oh and save the 3 wins we get back vs. Yech. Remember how it was when we were losing those games?
These are the good ole days.

6:18 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, Donnan said QB Quincy Carter wasn't playing because of an injured thumb when it was actually due to a positive drug test (cocaine). Also, I heard that Kevin Ramsey had to be pulled off Donnan when he was fired. The story is a week or two earlier, Ramsey asked if he should be looking for a job. Donnan assured him his job was safe for another year.

1:44 PM  
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